WikiCity Wants Your Blog!

Calling all local bloggers!! Hyper-Local community site WikiCity today introduced its new location-based blogroll directories embedded within each of WikiCity’s 22,000 cities, towns, and villages.


Even in its infancy, WikiCity’s blogrolls are seeded with over 100,000 hyperlocal blog links offering a range of topics including local Sports, News, Politics, and Lifestyle. Local bloggers interested in promoting their blog and attracting new readers are invited to add their blog to any of the location-based WikiCity community blogrolls.


“WikiCity nurtures a free, collaborative resource about every town it serves. The site is a collection of local facts, figures, businesses, and opinions that will continue to grow in size and usefulness with each edit,” says WikiCity co-founder Pat Lazure. “The decentralized model gives users a unique opportunity to contribute in a way that suits them best, be it promoting their favorite local business, sharing an opinion, recapping the big game, or chronicling historical landmarks and traditions within their community. With the addition of our local blogrolls, we expand upon these offerings in an effort to further benefit the communities we serve, while at the same time, providing a much more indigenous and authentic local information stream for our local readers.”


About WikiCity: Much like Wikipedia, WikiCity is a free wiki, and anyone can contribute. However, WikiCity further differentiates itself because it is designed to promote local community, commerce, tourism, and everyday life within the towns it serves – thus welcoming content that is typically not suited for Wikipedia. Founded in late 2008 by Pat Lazure and Rohit Keshwani, WikiCity provides unique local content on places, events, and people who would be of interest to those associated with any of its 22,000 U.S. towns (for example: Wahoo, NE, Machias, ME, or Red Wing, MN). It serves these communities much like a local newspaper and business directory, yet using the same open source MediaWiki software that powers Wikipedia, any of its readers are allowed to contribute content. By providing town-specific content and other topical resources including local business listings, news, weather, and classified ads; WikiCity transforms people from content readers to content publishers; allowing local users to enhance their town’s pages by adding deep community content that interests them most. WikiCity is located at


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