Expanding the Realtor Reach – Five (Free) Building Block to Fast Forward Future Sales

For Sale By OwnerRealtors don’t need to be reminded how competitive it is to gain new clients, nor do they need to be reminded how the recent economic turmoil affects local transaction activity. Instead, well-healed Realtors are better served focusing on the future and how they can progressively promote their skill sets to attract and retain new clients. Below are five free building blocks to expand the Realtor’s reach and gain new clients:

Website – Okay, this may be a bit obvious, but let this be your core – your foundation for the building blocks that follow. Make sure it presents well, personifies your abilities, showcases your listings, and conveys confidence.

Blog – Consider the website your formal business card and your blog is the less formal conversation you have as you exchange business cards. Make sure you have something good to say. Chronicle a unique experience. Feature timely information about the local market that only you know best. Feel free to provide tasteful links to your listings, but don’t dilute your blog with that (admittedly important) content. Instead, let that content reside on your website. If your reader likes what you share in your blog, then they will find you and your listings on your website.
Facebook – A nifty profile with lots of friends just isn’t enough. Instead, create a fan page and encourage all your friends and past clients to “fan” you. Using this platform, broadcast recent listings (with links, of course), sales, recent blog posts, open houses, and all other meaningful activity.

Twitter – Twitter is now the medium where news breaks first. Think of it as your personal news room. Create an account, follow only those who interest you most (not the whole planet), and encourage your clients and prospective clients to follow you. After all, this is the platform you will use to broadcast the latest listings – in most cases before they surface anywhere else. This is your chance to get a leg-up on the competition. Do not underestimate the power of this free resource!

WikiCity – The Internet is an abyss of information and you’ve worked hard to build your brand.  Tie it all together with WikiCity. Similar to Wikipedia, WikiCity is a wiki and anyone can participate. Think of it as your on-line cocktail party with many different conversations all centered around your community, your target audience, your clients. Create a WikiCity page to further expand your online presence, while at the same time, taking advantage of the opportunity to add valuable back-links to your website, blog, and other online pages.  Beyond that, be bold.  Add your blog to the WikiCity blogroll.  Add your listings to WikiCity’s nationally-syndicated (free) marketplace.  Use WikiCity to meet new clients, build credibility, and differentiate yourself by demonstrating your local market knowledge and expertise.  Find your targeted markets today on WikiCity: http://www.WikiCity.com/wiki/Category:States


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